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Varglas Viton 231: List

Varglas Viton® 231 Sleeving

Varglas Viton® 231 sleevings are braided fiberglass, modified Viton® composite with exceptional physical  and electrical properties. It has excellent abrasion and cut-through resistances while offering improved  flexibility throughout a wide operating temperature range of (-70°C to +220°C). It's resistance to both aromatic and aliphatic solvents, fuels, including jet fuel JP-5; and oils. Varglas Viton® 231 is a silicone free fluoroelastomer sleeving, placing this sleeving above other available polymer-coated  fiberglass braids. 

Varflex's coated electrical insulated sleeving high temperature and excellent abrasion resistance solution and capabilities for critcal electrical components, leads and connections, generators and areas where resistance to velocity oils and fuels are important.

Class: 220 R (-70°C to +220°C)(-94°F to +428°F)

Dielectric Strength Grade(s): A-1 B-1 C-1

Varglas Viton 231: Image


Varglas Viton® 231 sleevings conforms to, and is listed on the qualified products list for, MIL-l-3190/7, latest revision (Grade A), and exceeds the requirements of NEMA TF-1 and ASTM-D372.


Under the Component Program of Underwriters Laboratories, Varglas Viton® 231 Sleevings complies with VW-1 flammability requirements under UL File #E53690. It is incorporated in systems work, per UL Safety Standard 1446, to facilitate product acceptance by UL.


Varglas Viton® 231 sleevings are used when the need to maintain a silicone-free environment is important. It's excellent resistance to flames and abrasion make it ideally suited for the insulation of leads and connections of critical electrical components. Viton® 231 is used in DC generators and motors to reduce arcing problems; as well as for wire harnesses in areas where continuous operating temperatures run as high as 220°C. Varglas Viton® 231 is also used in transformers where resistance to high impingement velocity oils is required and, generally, where better solvent and oil resistance is needed.


AWG #24 through 3 ” l.D. Other sizes subject to inquiry.

Standard Colors

Black, White & Natural.

Standard Packaging

Coils, spools or 36” lengths at manufacturer’s option, unless otherwise specified. There is no cutting charge for 36” lengths, but lengths other than 36” are subject to cutting charges. Sizes over 1” l.D. are generally supplied in 36” lengths.

Varglas Viton 231: List
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