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Image by Precious Madubuike
Electrical Cars & Charging Stations

Varflex is here to serve your future

As we look toward the future of Electrical Vehicles and Charging Stations, we are committed to providing companies and individuals with quality products and innovations. From the simplest construction to the harshest environments including high abrasion, high corrosion, high temperatures & higher voltage, we have a product for you! We recommend our Varglas Viton® 231, Varglas 240 Silicone Rubber and Varglas ES-4400 Silicone Rubber we are confident these products will be the solution to expand your footprint in the electric vehicle market. 


Commercial & Military

  • Aircrafts 

  • Helicopters

  • MRO Helicopter Repair

  • Aircraft Starters

  • Spaceships

  • Atomic Energy Applications including Nuclear Motors 

Image by Ern Low
Image by Gijs Coolen

Automotive World

Motorcycles, RV's, Busses, Rail, Power Trains, Trucks & Trailers

  • Motors

  • Automotive ​Regulators, Stators, Alternators, Sensors 

  • Motor Vehicle Parts & Accessories 

  • Engine & Machinery Equipment 

Electrical Equipment

Home Appliances, Engine Parts, Printed Circuit Boards

  • Armature Coils

  • Carbon Brushes 

  • Cartridge, Coil & Tubular Heaters

  • Crossovers

  • Electromechanical Relays 

  • Electric Coils

  • Heating Cables

  • Lighting Fixtures including Transformers & Ballasts 

  • Sealed Compressors for Air Conditioning & Refrigerator Units

  • Spark Ignitors & Pilot Burner Accessories 

  • Switchgear & Breaker Panels 

  • Water Filtration Equipment, Heaters & Boilers  

Electrical engineer working on circuit board
Image by American Public Power Association

Industrial & Commercial Applications

Generators, Transformers, Medical Equipment, Construction Equipment, Communications

  • Industrial Instrumentation, Measurements, Analysis & Control 

  • Equipment & Relay Leads in Fractional/Integral Horsepower Motors & Generators 

  • Power & Voltage Regulating Transformers (Dry & Oil Filled) 

  • Surgical, MRI & Other Medical Equipment

  • Welding Equipment 

  • Wire Harnesses 

Markets Served: Team
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