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Varflex Employment Opportunity

Varflex was one of the first companies to braid fiberglass insulated electrical sleeving in 1924. We offer a generous benefits package including,  ten paid holidays, two weeks vacation, medical, dental, vision coverage, life insurance, long term disability, 401K and profit sharing.

Please read each job description thoroughly by clicking on the Job Description button under each position. 

Winder Operator 

Summary: Responsible for supplying empty tubes on winders as well as removing fully wound packages.


Essential Functions:

  • Must have a working knowledge of operation of all winders

  • String up one to twelve ends of glass on winder heads

  • Responsible for Quality Control (QC) of yarn before it is put on a winder as well as during and after being wound

  • Update necessary record keeping and house cleaning

  • Keep work area neat and orderly

  • Perform duties in a safe manner


Available Shifts:

Day Shift: 7 am- 3:30 pm

Midnights Shift: 11 pm- 7:30 am 

Twist and Ply Machine Operator

Summary: Responsible for loading and unloading ply frames


Essential Functions:

  • Must have knowledge of operation and working of the frames

  •  Responsible for quality control (QC) of both uptwist and plied yarns

  • Responsible for cleaning of the frames

  • Trucking both uptwist and plied yarns to and from the frames

  •  Must keep a neat, clean, and orderly work area

  • Perform duties in a safe manner

Available Shifts:

Afternoon Shift: 3 pm-11:30 pm

Midnights Shift: 11 pm- 7:30 am 

Braid Stock Position

Summary: Responsible for braid stock inventory


Essential Functions:

  • Remove spools from conveyor belt

  • Sort spools and distribute to appropriate locations

  • Take re-spooled braid stock to scales, weigh and record

  • Remove correct braid and carrier size from braid stock area and deliver to appropriate department

  • Complete all paperwork

  • If needed, transport 24” wooden reels to Tower Rooms

Available Shifts:

Day Shift: 7 am- 3:30 pm


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