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Varspan Expandable Sleeving

Expandable polyester monofilament sleevings are available in three types, or as an expandable Halar® E-CTFE (ethylene chlorotrifluoro ethylene) monofilament sleeving.

Varspan GP is certified under FMVSS 302.

Varspan GP & HD are UL Certified under UL File #E491276

Varspan expandable monofilament sleevings are designed to provide mechanical protection to wires, cables, harnesses, hydraulic lines, tubes, hoses, as well as to components of both regular and irregular shapes.


Ability to expand 2-3 times their original lD allows for ease of application.


Their “open-weave” braid construction, will not trap heat or moisture, results in a cost-effective bulk/weight ratio. 


Offered in General Purpose (GP), Heavy Duty (HD), Flame Retardant (FR) and Halar (HT). All exhibit good mechanical, chemical and thermal stability in a temperature range of -70C to +125C.

Expandable Polyester Monofilament Sleeving

(GP) General Purpose, (FR) Flame Retardant, (HD) Heavy Duty

(-70°C to +125°C) (-94°F to +257°F)

Varspan Sleeving made with expandable polyester-monofilaments is offered in both general purpose (Varspan GP) and flame-retardant (Varspan FR) yarns. The general purpose version of Varspan is also available in heavy duty (Varspan HD) which is braided with a thicker .015” polyester-monofilament strand for applications where additional abrasion and cut- through protection are required. All exhibit good mechanical, chemical, and thermal stability in a temperature range of -70°C to +125°C. 


Cut with a hot-blade device for fray-less ends or turn ends inward.

Varflex's expandable sleeving, custom capabilities available
Expandable Sleeving: List


All Varspan Sleevings are suitable for military, industrial, marine, aeronautical, transportation, electronic and manufacturing applications where mechanical protection and resistance to chemicals, jet fuel, diesel fuel, gasoline, lubricating oils, solvents, hydraulic fluids, water and salt water are prerequisites and flexibility where a wide-operating temperature range is desired.

Varspan HT (Halar®)

In addition to flame retardation and its suitability for use at higher operating temperatures than the other Varspan sleevings, is recommended for use where the sleeving may be exposed to harsher chemicals and more severe environments.

Varspan FR

Offers a higher degree of flame retardation required for special applications.


Varspan GP & Varspan FR – 1/8” through 2-1/2” I.D.
Varspan HD – 3/8″ through 3″ I.D.
Varspan HT (Halar®) – 1/8″ through 2-5/8″ I.D.

Standard Colors

Varspan GP – Black, clear, red, orange, yellow, green and gray.

Varspan FR – Black or natural (white) with the flame retardation identified by a criss-cross (diamond) pattern of two contrasting tracer strands.

Varspan HD – Black or natural (white).

Varspan HT – (Halar®) – Black or natural (white) with the flame retardation identified by one contrasting tracer strand



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