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Available Products Online:


Available in two standard sizes .028" & .040"

PVC Coated Hi-Temp Nylon can be used in various wiring harness systems across multiple industries including commercial automotives, off-road vehicles, emergency vehicles, construction, mining and agricultural vehicles. PVC Coated Nylon is used in outdoor goods and sporting equipment along with Marine applications, Aerospace, Space exploration and Military applications. 

Varspan Expandable Monofilament:

Designed for applications where additional abrasion and cut-through protection are required. All exhibit good mechanical, chemical and thermal stability in a temperature range of -70°C to +125°C. Varspan GP and Varspan HD are UL Certified under UL File #E491276.

All Varspan sleevings are suitable for military, industrial, marine, aeronautical, transportation, electronic and manufacturing applications where mechanical protection and resistance to chemicals, jet fuel, diesel fuel, gasoline, lubricating oils, solvents, hydraulic fluids, water, salt water are prerequisites and flexibility through a wide range of operating temperatures is desired. 

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