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Varflex Nomex® sleevings are flexible, protective sheathing that exhibits outstanding thermal stability and flame resistance as well as a high degree of cut and abrasion resistance.

Available in two types, untreated and Nomex ML, which is treated with a polyimide resin coating to prevent fraying.


Nomex® sleevings have a 220°C temperature classification, does not melt, however at 371°C (700°F), it begins to decompose. It has excellent tensile strength, good resistances to degradation, good abrasion resistance and flex-life.


Nomex® electrical sleeving is intended for use as mechanical protection of cables, hoses and wires in various applications where high heat and flammability are of concern.


Nominal sizes from 1/8” through 1¾”. Other sizes available upon request.


Natural. Custom colors available upon request.


Available in coils or spools

Nomex Sleeving: List
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