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Varflex manufactures electrical insulating sleevings suitable for a variety of high and low temperatures, high voltage and abrasive environments. Electrical insulated sleevings are made from braided fiberglass, both coated and uncoated sleevings. All sleevings are RoHS, REACH and Conflict Minerals compliant, meeting many military, UL, and CSA certifications. Although electrical applications are most common, Varflex braided sleevings can also be used to jacket wire small devices from intense heat, radiative environments, ultraviolet light, abrasion, flexing and intermittent exposure to chemicals.

Varflex's Silicone Rubber High Temperature Electrical Sleeving

Coated sleevings are a flexible, tubular product braided from fiberglass, nylon, or other fibers, which is impregnated, coated, or impregnated and coated with electrical insulating material. Coated sleevings are used to satisfy electrical, as well as, thermal, physical and chemical requirements. Generally, braided electrical insulating sleevings which have been continuously coated are characteristically identified with a temperature classification (thermal level at which sleevings can operate continuously) and a grade (defined through dielectric strength breakdown or puncture voltage).

Varflex's Uncoated Fiberglass Electrical Sleeving Solution

Uncoated sleevings are untreated or lightly treated. Varflex uncoated sleevings are braided with our own uptwisted and balanced yarns to produce final braided products with uniform diameters that are not twisted or distorted. Uncoated sleevings are used for secondary insulation, harnessing, physical protection, and serve as good anchors for varnish treatments in electrical units.

Custom Varspan

Varspan Expandable Monofilament sleevings are designed to provide mechanical protection to wires, cables, harnesses, hydraulic lines, tubes, hoses and for components of both regular & irregular shapes. Their ability to expand two or three times their original ID allows for ease of application and their "open-weave" braid construction will not trap heat or moisture, results in a cost effective bulk-weight ratio.

twist and ply yarn.jpg

Twisted and plied yarns from Varflex start with single-strand yarns composed of continuous, multi-filament fibers that are turned in the “Z” (reverse) twist direction.

Our ply frames ply two or more strands by twisting the strands in an opposite “S” (forward) twist direction into a balanced, multi-end yarn product having the desired diameter as well as increased tensile strength.

Twisted and plied yarns are furnished in various-sized “milk bottle” packages (plastic tube with base) or on a double-flanged plastic bobbin. Twisted and plied fiberglass is supplied with the starch-oil based sizing (binder) that was applied during the yarn manufacturing process to improve subsequent handling and fabrication operations. Twisted and Plied Yarns are available on 8540, 8542, 8570, 9228, H6 & H9 bobbins.

Varflex Custom Capabilities for Wires, Cables, Wire Harnesses

Varflex does all of its own braiding, in house. The sleevings we produce are braided, primarily with fiberglass yarns whose properties include high tensile strength, nonflammability, heat resistance and excellent resistance to fungus, moisture and chemicals. Although fiberglass filaments are the most popular, sleevings of nylon, polyester, Nomex®, Dacron®, Kevlar®, polypropylene and other yarns are also available. Our braiding capabilities enable us to provide multiple sizes and thicknesses using different yarns and colors. We have the capability to custom overbraid on plain or coated wires (solid or stranded), cables, hoses, chains, flexible rods and multi-conductor ribbon wire. For applications not satisfied through the use of standard products, Varflex stands ready to supply special coatings and treatments, extra heavy, double-wall and triple-wall construction in addition to custom overbraiding. Customers may also supply yarn, identification tracers are available upon request.

Varflex's Custom Electrical Sleeving Capabilities and Solutions

When standard products do not fit desired specifications, Varflex works closely with our customers to ensure their specialty products will function properly according to their requirements. Our design and production departments work together to develop ideal solutions from the smallest detail to the finished product. Varflex combines our understanding of materials and industry specifications with diverse product capabilities to manufacture specialty products that meet our customer's needs. Capabilities include but are not limited to cutting, stapling, sewing, striping, custom colors and sizes. Varflex is committed to providing our customers with the best overall value in the marketplace!

varflex braiding tubes.png

Wound Braider Packages

Varflex's winding technology allows us to build different braider packages with various tapers, tensioning and sizes. During the winding process, we can combine different yarn constructions to braid a variety of sleeving sizes, ranging from 28-30 AWG and wire sizes up to a 6” ID.

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