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Silflex Sleeving: List

Silflex Sleeving

(-56°C to +200°C) (-69°F to +392°F)

Silflex sleevings are flexible, secondary insulation made from closely braided, continuous filament fiberglass. After heat cleaning, impurities such as starches, oils and binders are removed. Silflex sleevings are impregnated with a high-temperature silicone resin.


Silflex sleevings conforms to NEMA TF-2 and is made from glass fibers conforming to Military Specification MIL-Y-1140 (latest revision), Class C, Form 1 (continuous filament yarns).


Under the Component Program of Underwriters Laboratories, Silflex sleevings complies with VW-1 flammability requirements under UL File #E53690.


Silflex sleevings are used in areas where flexibility as well as resistance to radiation, moisture, high temperature, and flame are essential. It offers space factor electrical insulation of approximately 650 volts with minimum outgassing, particularly after a pre-bake, and readily accepts potting compounds thereby enhancing electrical properties in systems work.


AWG #24 through 2” l.D. Other sizes subject to inquiry.

Standard Color

Natural. Other colors made to order.

Standard Packaging

Coils or spools at manufacturer’s option unless otherwise specified.

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