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What is Electrical Sleeving?

Sleevings are an essential component of any electrical machine, motor or appliance equipment. In response to customer demand within these vast market areas, Varflex has developed an array of insulating sleevings that are available in a variety of sizes and colors, in coils, cut lengths or on spools.

Varflex manufactures electrical insulated sleevings that are suitable for high and low temperatures, high and low voltages, as well as for abrasive and other physically demanding applications and hostile environments.

The voltage and temperature ratings of Varflex sleevings are recognized by UL (Underwriters Laboratories), certified by CSA (CSA International) and meet the requirements of the QPLs (Qualified Products Lists), applicable military specifications.

In most cases, the dielectric strength breakdown voltage influences the selection of the braided sleeving used, satisfying critical electrical requirements. Other electrical properties such as radiation resistance, volume resistivity, and corona discharge may also dictate and become guiding factors in the selection process. 

Varflex braided sleevings can also be used to jacket wire, or other small devices, from intense heat, radiative environments, ultraviolet light, abrasion and intermittent exposure to chemicals. More recently, Varflex sleevings are being utilized in many “nontraditional” applications as well.

The standards and practices of our industry, and meets the requirements and solves the problems of a multitude of design criteria and application demands including the following:

  • UL Recognition/CSA Certification

  • Conformance to Military Specifications

  • Flame resistance

  • Flexibility

  • Weight reduction

  • Superior dielectric protection

  • Abrasion resistance

  • Wide operating temperature ranges

  • Heat endurance

  • High tensile strength

  • Radiation resistance

  • Fluid resistance

  • Oil & solvent resistance

  • Chemical resistance

  • Moisture resistance

  • Fungus resistance

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