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Uncoated Sleeving: Products


Varflex uncoated sleevings are braided with our own uptwisted and balanced yarns to produce
final braided products with uniform diameters that are not twisted or distorted.


Types: H | HO | HM | ML 

(-70°C to +482°C) (-94° to +900°F)

Varglas S1600 sleevings are a high-strength, high-temperature sleevings produced from special S-2 Glass® fibers. In addition to enhanced dielectric and mechanical properties, S1600 sleevings provide thermal protection beyond the limits of conventional sleevings made from E-glass fibers. Although both S-2 Glass® and E-glass fibers have excellent resistance to all types of nuclear radiation, S-2 Glass®, is free of boron, therefore, in the hostile atmosphere of a reactor, will not decompose to form gaseous products. There are five types of S1600 sleevings, all of which are noncorrosive, nonflammable and impervious to fungus attack.


Types: H | HO | HP | HM

(-60°C to +316°C) (-76°F to +601°F)

Varglas non-fray sleevings are flexible, high-temperature secondary insulation made from closely braided, continuous filament fiberglass. Sleevings are heat-cleaned to remove impurities in the yarn and to retard fraying. There are four types available, all of which are noncorrosive, nonflammable and not attacked by fungus.


(-56°C to +200°C) (-69°F to +392°F)

Silflex sleevings are a flexible, secondary insulation made from closely braided, continuous filament fiberglass. The sleevings are heat cleaned to remove impurities such as starches, oils and binders and impregnated with a high-temperature silicone resin.


Types: 94 | 94-H | Undesignated

(-55°C to +105°C ) (-67°F to +221°F)

Varflex nylon untreated sleevings are flexible, protective sheathing that exhibits outstanding toughness and abrasion resistance. The sleevings are braided from high-tenacity nylon yarns that are light and heat stabilized, have low dry-heat shrinkage (6%) and were designed specifically for industrial end uses. Nylon untreated sleevings are offered in 17 standard sizes, 10 of them are available both in standard wall (Type 94) and a heavier wall (Type 94H). Type 94H is identical to Type 94 except heavier nylon yarns are used, resulting in increased wall-thickness, depending upon inside diameter. The 7 other standard sizes are supplied in single wall thicknesses and do not carry a type designation.


Type A: Untreated | Resin Treated

Type B: Untreated | Resin Treated

Varglas Litewall sleevings are a flat braided electrical grade flexible sleeving. Thanks to it's lightweight, flexibility and expansion capabilities, Litewall sleevings allow for ease of application over irregular shapes. The high temperature and high strength capabilities make it suitable for use as a tying cord or lacing tape in electrical motors. Varglas Litewall can also be used as insulation between conductors. Litewall sleevings are flame resistant and also maintain chemical and environmental resistant qualities.


Types: Regular Wall | Litewall

Varglas Volan® sleevings are a flexible fiberglass braid treated with a Volan® solution. The Volan® solution acts as an adhesive promoter between the fiberglass and thermosetting resins such as polyesters, epoxies, phenolics, vinyl's, and acrylics. It also serves as an anti-static agent. This improved wetting and bondage between resin and fiberglass enhances resulting composite properties such as flexural strength and heat distortion temperature. Volan® treated sleevings can be processed further through operations such as saturation, lamination, coating and potting.


Class 220°C

| Two types: Untreated and Nomex ML |

Varflex Nomex® sleevings are a flexible, protective sheathing that exhibits outstanding thermal stability and flame resistances as well as a high degree of cut and abrasion resistances. It is intended for use as mechanical protection for cables, hoses and wires in various applications where high heat and flammability are of concern.

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