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Twist & Ply Yarns: Pro Gallery

High Performance Fibers
Twisted & Plied Yarns

Twisting and plying is the very first step in customizing electrical insulating sleeving, braiding, winding and weaving packages. Due to the high demand, Varflex recently expanded our Twist & Ply Facility to a second location on Success Drive in Rome. 

While Varflex expertise is working with high performance fibers including but not limited to Fiberglass, Kevlar®, Basalt, Spectra, Nomex®, Nylon, Polyester and Sewing Threads just to name a few. Our Twisted & Plied Yarns are available for Braiding, Winding, Weaving & Matting packages. 

At Twist & Ply, we have the capability to twist single or multiple strands of high performance fibers to a desired twist level. By combining multiple strands of yarn together, we create a balanced, multi-end yarn product having the desired diameter as well as increased tensile strength.

This process is done by taking a single-strand yarn composed of continuous, multi filament fibers that are turned in the "Z" (reverse) twist direction or in the opposite "S" (forward) direction.

We than take the twisted material and ply multiple ends together to create a balanced construction.

Varflex does its own twisting, plying, yarn winding & braiding in addition to our coated and uncoated sleeving line. The expertise we have developed and honed since 1924 is available to customers who wish to supplement their own yarn/operations through the purchase of Twisted & Plied Yarns, Braider Packages and Uncoated Fiberglass Braid.  

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