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(-54°C to +138°C) (-65°C to +280°F) 

PVC Hi-Temp Coated Nylon is designed to function in extreme environments for use in wiring harness systems across numerous industries.Our PVC Coated Nylon is manufactured by Coats North America, trade name XTRU™ N, from high temperature resistant PVC polymer with a high tenacity nylon core for strength and used to braid a protective cover over standard harness wiring systems
used in many types of vehicles.

PVC Coated Nylon_edited.png


Available in two standard sizes, 0.028 in and 0.040 in. 

ISO 9000 accredited, Meets FMVSS 302, SAE J369, UL94 V-O 125 mil, RoHS compliant and withstands exposure to Diesel Emissions Fluid AU532.

pvc coated nylon _edited.png


PVC Coated Hi-Temp Nylon can be used in various wiring harness systems across multiple industries including commercial automotives, off-road vehicles, emergency vehicles, construction, mining and agricultural vehicles. PVC Coated Nylon is used in outdoor goods and sporting equipment along with Marine applications, Aerospace, Space exploration and Military applications. 

Standard Color

Black, Red, Yellow, Blue, Orange. Other colors made available upon request. 

Standard Packaging 

Standard 5 1/4" tubes, 132 tubes per case in either 0.28 lb or 0.30 lb. 

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