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Varglas S1600 Sleeving: List

Varglas S1600 Sleeving

Varglas S1600 sleevings are a high-strength, high-temperature sleevings produced from special S-2 Glass® fibers. In addition to enhanced dielectric and mechanical properties, S1600 provides thermal protection beyond the limits of conventional sleevings made from E-glass fibers. Although both S-2 Glass® and E-glass fibers have excellent resistance to all types of nuclear radiation, S-2 Glass®, is free of boron, therefore, in the hostile atmosphere of a reactor, will not decompose to form gaseous products.


There are five types of S1600 sleevings, all of which are noncorrosive, nonflammable and impervious to fungus attack.

Type(s): 240

(-70°C to +482°C)(-94° to +900°F)

H | HO | HM | ML

Binders are applied to retard fraying and to hold sleeving round for cutting.

Types HO, HM and ML are available in a variety of colors which may be less vivid
after exposure to 150°C.

All five types are available in various wall thicknesses as well as with multiple walls. All will serve as secondary insulation, unaffected indefinitely through a temperature range from -70°C to 482°C and withstand up to 950°C for shorter periods.


Not heat cleaned or treated, but containing its original sizing so it is available only in white.

Type H:

Heat cleaned only. Since it is not treated with sizing or pigments after heat cleaning, it is available only in the natural (silver) color.

Type HO:

Heat cleaned and treated with an acrylic resin binder (natural or pigmented).

Type HM:

Heat cleaned and treated with an oleoresin binder (natural or pigmented).

Type ML:

Heat cleaned and treated with Pyre ML® binder (natural or pigmented) Natural & Green Only. 

Since there is no coating that will provide dielectric properties at those extremes, these sleevings require heavy or multiple-wall thicknesses if used as primary insulation.

Varglas S1600 Sleeving: FAQ
Varglas S1600 Sleeving: List


Varglas S1600 sleevings conform to NEMA TF-2 and will not burn and are made from glass fibers conforming to Military Specification MIL-Y-1140H Class C Form 1 (continuous filament yarns).


Varglas S1600 sleevings are used for thermal and mechanical protection in applications requiring stability under extreme temperature and corrosive environments.


Types H, HO, HM and Untreated – AWG #26 through 2” I.D. Type ML – AWG #24 through 3/8” l.D.

Standard Color

Untreated – White only, Type H – Natural (silver) only, Types HO, HM and ML – Natural. Other colors made to order.

Standard Packaging

Coils – all 5 types. Spools where specified.
Cut pieces are available, subject to cutting charges, in Types HO, HM and ML only.

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