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Varglas Silicone Resin 500 sleevings are a fiberglass braid with a silicone composite coating. The sleevings are best in areas where design requirements specify superior moisture, heat and radiation resistance. In addition to its Class 200°C rating, it also exhibits good low temperature properties. Varglas Silicone Resin sleevings are available as Silicone Resin 500 in the four top grades and as standard Silicone Resin in Grade C-3 with Silicone Resin 500 being a more flexible product designed to conform to sharp bends.

Class 200 H 
(-56°C to +200°C) (-69°F to +392°F)

Dielectric Strength Grade(s): A-1 B-1 C-1 C-2 C-3

Varglas Silicone Resin 500 Sleeving: List


Varglas Silicone Resin 500 sleevings conforms to, and is listed on the Qualified Products List for, MIL-l-3190/5, latest revision (Grade A); NEMA TF-1, Type 4; and ASTM-D372.

Under the Component Program of Underwriters Laboratories, Grade A Varglas Silicone Resin 500 is recognized for 200°C, 600 volt service under UL File #E63450. It is incorporated in systems work, per UL Safety Standard 1446, to facilitate product acceptance by UL. CSA International certifies the use of Grade A Resin 500 for 200°C, 600 volt service under CSA File #LR58486. Additionally, standard Silicone Resin (Grade C-3) complies with UL’s VW-1 flammability requirements under UL File #E53690.


Varglas Silicone Resin 500 sleevings are used in nuclear motors, electric motors, equipment leads, relay leads and heating cable where flexibility, high dielectric protection and heat endurance are required where temperatures up to 200°C are encountered. Resin 500 is radiation resistance finding wide use in aerospace and atomic energy applications.


AWG #24 through 2” l.D.  Other sizes subject to inquiry.

Standard Colors

Natural. Other colors subject to inquiry.

Standard Packaging

Coils, spools or 36” lengths at manufacturer’s option, unless otherwise specified. There is no cutting charge for 36” lengths, but lengths other than 36” are subject to cutting charges.
Sizes over 1” l.D. are generally supplied in 36” lengths.

Varglas Silicone Resin 500 Sleeving: List
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