Varflex Corporation is a manufacturer of superior quality
coated and uncoated electrical insulating sleevings made from braided fiberglass and other filaments.

During COVID-19, Varflex Continues to Serve

To Our Valued Customers:

As you all know, we are experiencing an unprecedented time in our country and we are all receiving a large volume of communications on a variety of different topics.

Varflex Corporation remains operational, fulfilling all orders and service requests in support of our essential businesses.  At this time, Varflex Corporation is not experiencing any disruptions in our delivery times, supply chain, or manufacturing processes due to the Coronavirus.  We are closely tracking our inventory levels and checking with our raw materials suppliers to ensure availability and lead times have not been affected.  Varflex has obtained a waiver from New York State designating us as an “essential business”, so we are here to serve all customer’s needs.

Our economic and political landscape will continue to change at a rapid pace. Varflex Corporation is committed to keeping our customers informed as important information becomes available.  Please stay safe and exercise responsible common sense!

Varflex Electrical Insulating Sleeving


Varflex Electrical Insulating Sleeving

Since 1924, Varflex Corporation has been a manufacturer of superior quality electrical insulating sleevings (braided fiberglass), both coated and uncoated. Our sleevings are used in a variety of industrial and commercial applications. Many are UL recognized, CSA certified and some meet military specifications. All are both RoHS and REACH compliant. In June 2017, Varflex achieved ISO 9001:2015 registration by NSF-ISR for the “manufacture of coated and uncoated electrical insulating sleeving made from fiberglass and other filaments as well as twisting and plying of silica and synthetic fibers”.

Varflex sleevings are used in various electrical equipment applications such as motors, generators, transformers, stators, actuators, etc. Our sleevings are also found in military, medical, food processing and many other applications.

When you lay the groundwork for sleeving, it is significant to note that Varflex is a full-line electrical insulating sleeving manufacturer that does its own braiding. This enables us to maintain a higher level of quality control, reduces lead times and assures our customers of a consistent, reliable product(s).

Varflex also braids sleeving from nylon, polypropylene, polyester, Nomex®, Kevlar® , Spectra® , and other yarns. For those applications not satisfied by our standard sleevings, we can provide “custom products” such as:

  •    Special coatings and treatments
  •    Heavy-, double-, and triple-wall constructions
  •    Special braiding or custom overbraiding on:
    • Plain or coated wire (solid or stranded)
    • Cable
    • Hose
    • Chain
    • Flexible rod
    • Multi-conductor ribbon wire
  •   Decorative sleevings

Varflex also does its own twisting, plying, yarn winding and braiding. These production capabilities are available to those customers who wish to supplement their own operations through the purchase of twisted and plied yarns, braider packages and uncoated fiberglass braid.

A Closer Look at Varflex’s Manufacturing Process

Please review our company sales flyer and video (3:36 minutes) to learn more about our various products and manufacturing capabilities.