Twisted, Plied & Wound Yarns, Braider Packages, Uncoated Fiberglass Braids

Varflex Corporation was a pioneer in the manufacturing of electrical insulating sleeving in the United States and sleeving has been our only business since our founding in 1924. We continue to do our own twisting and plying, yarn winding and braiding in-house. The expertise we have developed and honed over the years, reinforced by our reputation for quality, is now available to those customers who wish to supplement their own operations through the purchase of Twisted, Plied & Wound Yarns, Braider Packages, Uncoated Fiberglass Braids.

Twisted & Plied Yarns

Twisted and plied yarns from Varflex start with single-strand yarns composed of continuous, multi-filament fibers that are turned in the “Z” (reverse) twist direction.

Our ply frames ply two or more strands by twisting the strands in an opposite “S” (forward) twist direction into a balanced, multi-end yarn product having the desired diameter as well as increased tensile strength.

Twisted and plied yarns are furnished in various-sized “milk bottle” packages (plastic tube with base) or on a double-flanged plastic bobbin. Twisted and plied fiberglass is supplied with the starch-oil based sizing (binder) that was applied during the yarn manufacturing process to improve subsequent handling and fabrication operations.

Note: Twisted and Plied Yarns are available on 8540, 8542, 8570, 9228, H6 & H9 bobbins.

Braider Packages

Braider packages from Varflex are produced in our Winding Department where twisted and plied yarns produced to your specifications are transferred to “braider packages” suitable for use on New England Butt-type and Wardwell braiding machines. During the winding process, we can combine different yarn constructions giving you the ability to braid a variety of sleeving sizes.

Uncoated Fiberglass Braid

Varflex has braiders with a wide range of carriers which enable us to supply uncoated fiberglass braid in a variety of types and sizes.

And, for those requirements not satisfied with a standard braid construction, Varflex stands ready to provide you with special braiding as well as heavy-, double-, and triple-wall construction, all to your specifications.