Custom Product Capabilities


Varflex prides itself on making products that are flexible, but so are our capabilities. Many of our now standard products found their initial development as an answer to a customers particular needs when no satifactory existing product was available. Varflex stands ready to supply special coatings and treatments as well as special braiding and overbraiding using custom materials…

Our braiding machines can braid a variety of yarns and filaments. Our research & development staff is constantly developing custom coatings and treatments to produce specialized sleevings for new clients all over the world. If you have a requirement that is not satisfied by our standard products, you can request a “custom product” such as:

  •   Special coatings and treatments
  •   Heavy walls
  •   Double- and triple- wall construction
  •   Special braiding
  •   Custom overbraiding on:
    • — Plain or coated wire (solid or stranded)
    • — Cable
    • — Hose
    • — Chain
    • — Flexible rod
    • — Multi-conductor ribbon wire
  •   Sleeving braided from Nomex®, Dacron®, Kevlar®, Spectra® and other yarns as well as metalic filaments
  •   Twisted and Plied /Yarns
  •   Braider Packages
  •   Uncoated Fiberglass Braid


Because Varflex does all of its own twisting, plying and winding of yarn, as well as its own braiding, the expertise we have developed and honed since 1924 is available to those customers who wish to supplement their own operations in the following areas:

  •   Twisted and Plied Yarns
    • — Fiberglass and Other Fibers
    • — High Performance Yarns
  •   Braider Packages
    • — Plied Fiberglass Yarns
    • — High Performance Yarns
    • — Other Yarns
  •   Uncoated Fiberglass Braid
    • — AWG Size #30 through 2” I.D.
    • Note: Uncoated fiberglass braid is available on 20” and 24” diam.
      returnable reel shaving a 6” traverse.

Please see our Yarns and Braid Page.


Sample Folders

Contact us for a standard products folder that contains samples of our most popular sleevings.

Specialty Products Folder

We also have a new sample folder specifically highlighting custom specialized product opportunities.

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