Varflex allows one international manufacturer to get the job done.

From design to manufacture and distribution, this international company specializes in high-performance materials. For big projects, like football stadium domes and railroad station roofs, it may need to turn yarns into rolls of coated, plastic fabrics. Five years ago, the company ran into a problem when its new Far East supplier’s bobbins weren’t compatible with its equipment, stopping the manufacturing process at the first step.

Enter Varflex Corporation. The two companies had already been working together for nearly 20 years, but Varflex took on a new job. Its machines had the ability to twist the yarn to varying plies, even on the difficult micron scale, and they could also measure out the products, maximizing efficiency through the production process. As an example, if they sent in 1,000 pounds of material, Varflex would send back 970.

Varflex’s process is both efficient—making significantly less waste—and quick. A typical order can range from 50-10,000 pounds of material, with a turnaround time of 5-10 days. But not everything is typical. Sometimes products are needed in 3-5 days, sometimes 24 hours, and sometimes, they’re needed on a holiday. Whatever the conditions or deadlines, Varflex has always done it. Add to that this company’s has limited warehouse space: Varflex has taken the pressure off by storing inventory when it has been needed.

Sharing Valuable Insights

While those benefits might be enough, Varflex’s staff members also bring with them a deep industry knowledge that they’re willing to share. In one instance, this company was having a problem with black lines appearing on yarn after it came out of the oven. Varflex’s people first realized that starch wasn’t being applied evenly to the strands, and they collaborated to both salvage what was lost and then help fix the problem.

“It was beyond what any supplier would do,” says the company’s purchasing supervisor. That has been the typical approach throughout the years, which makes it an easy and ongoing relationship. Varflex has been family owned since 1924. There’s little to no employee turnover, bringing a continuity to everything. That means talking to the same people each time, so no one needs to be trained or re-trained. While the quality is always consistently at a high-level and the pricing is competitive, that still doesn’t fully encompass what the company offers. There’s a sense of pride and loyalty. Customers can go to Varflex and trust them consistently.