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Coated sleevings are used to satisfy electrical, as well as, thermal, physical and chemical requirements. Generally, braided electrical insulating sleevings which have been continuously coated are characteristically identified with a temperature classification (thermal level at which sleeving can operate continuously) and a grade (defined through dielectric strength breakdown or puncture voltage) as follows:

Temperature Classification   Dielectric Strength Breakdown Voltage (Volts) (1)
  C Over 240°C     Grade Minimum Average Minimum Individual  
  S 240°C     A-1 7,000 (2) 5,000  
  R 220°C     B-1 4,000 2,500  
  H 200°C     C-1 2,500 1,500  
  F 155°C     C-2 1,500 800  
  B 130°C     C-3 No Dielectric Guarantee  
  A 105°C  

(1) Conditioned for 96 hours at 23°C and 50% relative humidity
(C-96/23/50) before testing.

(2) For NEMA sleeving Types 3 (polyvinyl chloride coated), 4 (silicone resin coated) and 5 (silicone rubber coated), values are 8000 volt average and 6000 volt minimum individual.

Grade S - 240°C

>> Silicone 240 Rubber Class S-A-1

— High Temperature (240C) Rubber with exceptional mechanical properties and flame resistance.

Grade R - 220°C

>> Varglas Viton® 231 Class R-A-1

— High-Temperature (220C) Fluoroelastomer (silicone free) with superior flame and solvent resistance.

>> ES-4400 Silicone Rubber Class R-A-1

— High Temperature (220°C) Rubber with exceptional fluid and flame resistance.

Grade H - 200°C

>> Varglas Silicone Rubber Class H-A-1

— Flame Resistant Rubber (200°C)

>> Varglas Silicone Resin 500 Class H-A-1

— Moisture and Radiation Resistant Silicone Composite (200°C) flexible

Grade F - 155°C

>> Varglas Acrylic A397 & 343 Class F-A-1

— Flexible Modified Acrylic Resin (155°C).

>> Varglas Double-Wall Acrylic

— Acrylic Coated (Grade A) and overbraided with a secondary braid making both the ID and OD suitable for the absorption and retention of resins utilized in vacuum pressure impregnation (VPI).

Grade B - 130°C

>> Varflo Class B-A-1

— Modified Polyvinyl Chloride Resin (130°C) with flame and fungus resistance.

>> Varglas Hermetic Class B-B-1

— Crosslinked Modified Acrylic Copolymer (130°C) with refrigerant, lubricant and solvent resistance.

>> Varfil Class B-A-1

— Polyester-Modified Polyvinyl Chloride Resin (130°C) with flame resistance.

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